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About Jiggy


Origins Of Her Name

Her sister’s name is Margaret, she was always known as 'The Mig'. Their Aunt was caring for 'The Mig' whilst their mother was giving birth. When introducing the new baby, whose registered name would be Josephine, to her big sister their aunt said,
“Look Miggy, here’s a Jiggy for you”. Both names stuck.

Bhore derives from their paternal Indian grandfather.
Their paternal grandmother was Scottish.
Their maternal grandfather was English.
Their maternal grandmother was Welsh.
Jiggy considers herself as being of the human race and a citizen of Earth.


Jiggy has been practising Nichiren Buddhism since 1982 and is a committed member of the Buddhist organisation SGI-UK.

Jiggy lives with her husband John in Ramsgate, Kent, within easy reach of London

Nicholas Dawkes Photography, 2019

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